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Years at Rainbow: 25
Weekly work schedule: Monday-Friday

About Peggy:

What were you doing in 1983? Diana Ross was performing in the rain in Central Park; Michael Jackson was flying high with Thriller; Metallica and Slayer kicked off the thrash metal era; and Peggy Martin came to work for Rainbow Guitars. Hand Peg Martin a blank ledger sheet and she'll structure your business from top to bottom -- and indeed she did! Peggy is Rainbow Guitar's Office Manger. When you call in, you'll most likely reach Peggy first and she'll graciously guide you to the right rep, or give you the information you need. She is very approachable and willing to help. Peggy loves working with the creative folks at Rainbow and brings in the 'nuts and bolts' necessary for our projects to be successful. But, Peg has another side; she serves as the VP of the Board of Directors for the Old Pueblo Children's Home (a place for kids in the system with no foster parents). In fact, Peggy has managed to get all of us here at Rainbow involved (each year) in raising money for the kids who are placed in the group home. 'You gotta have heart' and Peggy Martin can play that tune!