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Pete Fine

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Years at Rainbow: 15
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

About Pete:

Over his 40 year love affair with guitar, Pete Fine has pretty much done it all—and then some. Having played everything from rock to fusion to country, he set out to teach himself classical composition. His first work, Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra, was performed by full orchestra and was highlighted in Guitar Player Magazine. For that piece, Pete scored each and every instrument, and, of course, was the featured soloist on electric guitar. Among his current projects are a great Led Zeppelin tribute band and a new classical composition. In addition to all this, Pete has been a session guitarist and sideman in many genres of music. All that musical experience combined with his three decades in music retail make Pete's opinions and suggestions on gear worth listening to. He’s the one to ask about pedals, strings, cables, vintage replacement parts. If you need advice in selecting tubes for your tube amplifier, Pete’s the master. From matched 6L6’s to Hendrix Wah’s to 3-bolt Strat neck plates, Pete can find it better than anyone.