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Joel Thall
Pro Sound

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Years at Rainbow: 20
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

About Joel:

Joel is one of the real veterans here at Rainbow Guitars. As head salesperson in Sound Reinforcement Sales, Joel has designed or installed countless hundreds of sound systems for churches, schools, theatres, musical groups, school stadiums, auditoriums,….well, you get the idea. To Joel one of the most interesting things about the job is the never-ending diversity of situations and places that need his expertise.

Called “The Professor” by his co-workers, Joel counts on an encyclopedic knowledge of products and a great set of problem-solving skills to help him guide his clients through the maze of audio products in order to make their system sound the best. (And he brings them in under budget!)

Joel is a specialist in wireless systems. Fully bilingual, Joel welcomes your emails or phone calls in Spanish.