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Victor Chan

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Years at Rainbow: 5
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

About Victor:

“ I solemnly swear by the kick and snare.” That is the mantra that Vic goes by every day. Before becoming a part of the Rainbow Guitars Drum Department, he was an avid customer for years while playing drums in the local Tucson scene for various acts. Knowing Clay at Rainbow for some time, it only made sense that Vic would somehow end up in the drum department at Rainbow.

When Vic is not at Rainbow Guitars, he can be found recording and touring the country with Phoenix, AZ’s rock outfit, Never Let This Go.

With the experience of playing a wide spectrum of music, Vic is able to translate that to customers in order to help them find what best suits their needs. Being on the road and “nerding it out” with other drummers, he is constantly learning new things that he can share with those that come into the Rainbow Guitars Drum Department. A self proclaimed “gear nut,” whether you’re a seasoned professional or just picking up sticks for the first time, Vic can help you with what you need.