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Richie Cavanaugh

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Years at Rainbow: 10
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

About Richie:

Richie Cavanaugh Richie started playing guitar in 1957. He than began to play professionally in 1964 and, though many have wish he would, hasn’t stopped sense. Richie joined the Rainbow Guitars’ team in 1978 Richie played with various groups in the 70’s including Weasel, Straight Shot, The air Brothers, and The Bob Meighan Band. In the 90’s he played a number of groups in Northern California and returned back to Rainbow in 1998. He now plays a wide variety of music in Tucson with a number of groups and as an instrumental soloist. Working in the repair shop, Richie makes sure that you get the best service possible and your new guitar from rainbow plays just as nicely as the builder intended.