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Clay Reed

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Years at Rainbow: 15
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

About Clay:

Clay’s long and winding road to Rainbow Guitars’ Drum Department ironically started with a guitar and amp he got for Christmas as a teenager. When he and his friends pooled their meager resources to buy a drum kit that old light-bulb-over-the-head moment happened and a True Believer Drum Fanatic was born.

Fast forward a few years and Clay’s out touring with one of Southern Arizona’s top hard core punk & metal bands, Gat Rot.

With equal passion, he dove into his role as Head Drum Guru at Rainbow Guitars. He knows every one of his products inside and out—drums, hardware, cymbals, percussion—he’s the one to ask any question.. In his “spare time” (whatever that is!) he repairs drums at his home shop and even builds custom kits.

His Mission Statement is pretty darn simple: “Treat people as friends and help them get what they need.” We think that says it all.