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Customer Testimonials

We've been fortunate to serve customers from all over the world for over 30 years. Here you can read a few of their experiences in their own words.


The finest service I've ever had from any store
by Paul from UK 10/03/09

I live in the UK, and buying a guitar 'blind' is always a daunting task, particularly if it is a high-end model as it was in my case. I found the guitar having emailed Rainbow Guitars in Tucson to see if they had what I was looking for. I received a response almost 'by return' from its' President: Harvey S. Moltz, and was treated with nothing but courtesy right from the off. Yes I know it was not a $50 Zenta, but that's not the point. Everything Harvey said he'd do, he did - on time, every time and certainly leads his company and staff by example. Mike Duer heads up the shipping department and his attention to detail regarding packing a guitar for shipping is as good as it gets. I know that it's a worry once it's left the store and in the hands of the courier, but you can rest assured that it will be VERY well packed. Fedex delivered three items to me from Rainbow Guitars and all arrived in perfect condition. If in the future I am looking for another instrument, I will contact Rainbow Guitars FIRST, as they are a superb business, run with a degree of pride which, I have never experienced in any other music store. Paul

For this professional level service, I thank you!
By Billy G from Houston Texas

Dear Harvey I want to personally thank you for your expert assistance in both the electronics and vintage instrument fields. Your guidance is inspirational and your attention to detail has instilled in me a confidence of the highest degree. Not only did you and your staff locate the impossible, the project commenced immediately! For this professional level service, I thank you! Billy Gibbons, Houston Texas

Kudos to you all
By Mike from Stafford, VA 07/31/09

Harvey, The '68 Gibson EB2 Bass arrived today safe and sound and it is one beautiful instrument. Kudos to you and your staff! It is just as Stefin described it and it plays wonderfully - I put it through my '68 Fender Bassman rig and it nearly blew the house down - its is throatier than any of my Fenders, vintage or new ones. Whoever packed the bass did a very good job - my compliments and thanks! And thank you Harvey, for having a very knowledgeable, caring staff who are excellent at what they do. Again, Kudos to you all. I will continue to shop your site, and recommend to my musician friends here in the East. Thanks! Sincerely, Mike

I would definitely buy from Rainbow again!
By Murray from Calgary 10/03/09

Hi Harvey, just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Gibson Custom 57 Reissue I bought from Rainbow a few weeks ago. Everything about the guitar is "as advertised on your website" so I'm very pleased. It is always a leap of faith buying guitars over the internet ... you never know what you going to get! I couldn't be more happy with the guitar and the "great" service I received from all the employees (and your partner) that I dealt with. I would definitely buy from Rainbow again! Price, service and shipping was second to none ... keep up the great work! If I'm ever in Tucson would love to come by and see your store. Murray

Never experienced such friendly, professional service!
By Daniel from Lankhorn, PA 09/04/09

Harvey, Hello Sir, my name is Daniel and I am contacting you in regards to an excellent experience I had last week with one of your employees. His name is Clay. Clay provided me with what I consider to be the fastest response to a customer in the most professional way I have ever experienced. I was looking around for a shell kit with the intentions of just " looking ", well, Clay was so quick and friendly in his response to my search that I couldn't help but to investigate further. Through several pleasant and most enjoyable conversations through email, Clay offered me the perfect shell pack for me at an amazing price. Because of this excellent service on behalf of Clay and ultimately RainbowGuitars, I decided to make a purchase. I was taken back how fast Clay got this order out and received this product in TWO DAYS. Harvey, I have been shopping on line for years and I have never, I mean NEVER experienced such friendly, professional service, and information that Clay provided to me ever. I have also never received a product delivered to my door so quickly in my entire life. Because of Clays hard work and friendly ethics I will never shop anywhere else for my musical equipment. Respectfully Daniel, Great Job Clay !!!!! I am currently calling back for a snare drum !

With a type of professionalism that I have yet to find in the valley.
By David from Phoenix, Arizona 11/14/09

It’s a good thing that I have an alternative in Arizona. Denny and Mike have always treated me first class, and with a type of professionalism that I have yet to find in the valley. I’ve never thought about it until recently but being able to walk into a guitar store and have salesman that are professional is hard to find these days. You are very lucky to have Mike and Denny, as they are some of the most professional people I have been lucky enough to deal with

Many thanks for this great guitar!
By Robert from The Netherlands 12/14/09

Hi Harvey, I received the guitar today in good condition, many thanks. The guitar plays very well and looks great! Many thanks for this great guitar and the all the info which you gave to me. Also the price was compared to all other vintage dealers very well priced. The sound is also great! I will recommend collectors to deal with you without any hesitation. Kind Regards Robert

I wanted to thank you again
by Russell from Tucson, Arizona 06/10/10

Stefin, I wanted to thank you again for your and Bob Taylor's wonderful job of building my new custom GS with 1 7/8" nut, slot head, magnificent rosewood sides and back, rosewood binding and spruce tobacco finish top. Especially thank Bob for recommending the red purfling . . . it really finished it off beautifully. When you opened the case it was a real WOW for me. As I am a finger picker, the 1 7/8" nut makes it easily playable and the deep rich sound was as good or better than the way it looks. As I told you, I looked at expensive guitars all over New York City last year and found none that match what you created for me, precisely to my specifications and many of them were twice the cost. I took it to band practice last night and the boys oohed and aahed all night long. Absolutely I will recommend you and Taylor to anyone wanting a magnificient musical instrument. You have more than exceeded my expectations and I am grateful. Please pass my e-mail along to Bob. Russell

Thanks again for the fantastic customer service and an amazing guitar!
By Mike from Lincoln Park, NJ. 09/23/10

Harvey, This guitar is simply amazing!!!!  Weight, playability, and tone are stunning!!!  Props to the perfect set-up as well.  I looooooooove the neck!  To make an already long story short, its absolutely perfect!  I will be back for more in the near future.  I may actually buy that white '62 and place an order for a maple neck Strat as well. Thanks again for the fantastic customer service and an amazing guitar.  I just might have found the pot of gold on the other side of the Rainbow!  Regards, Mike

One of the finest archtop Gibson guitar at my home in less than 7 days
By Giovanni Carlo from Turin, Italy 09/28/2010

I was looking for a Gibson Citation over the internet for a long time: a week ago I found an awesome natural blonde at Rainbow Guitars in Tucson Arizona. After a nice phone talk with Harvey I went to the Bank for an intercontinental money transfer. Guitar arrived in less than 6 days in mint conditions and at a the best price I have found all over the world. Now I know that Tucson is not only the place I knew from “Western movies” but the town where there is one of the world best guitar shops; this is Rainbow Guitars! I’ll be back to buy again. Ciao Giancarlo