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Waves Center Plug-in/ Native


Ideal for final mixes and mastering, Waves Center is an innovative new processor that separates phantom Center content from Side (L/R) content. With Center, you can zero in on the phantom center and bring out or bring down the vocals without affecting everything else. Perfect for post-production engineers and DJs as well, Center lets you reposition, isolate, and even eliminate elements of your mix.

Using a unique dynamic engine which considers the amplitude, frequency, and time envelope of stereo sources, Center gives you the power to radically re-balance your spatial imagery. Adjustable punch, high frequency, and low frequency controls let you enhance detail with maximum impact.

Get centered or get side-tracked. Choose sides or play it down the middle. Find the middle ground, or get a little something on the side. With Waves Center, you really can play the (stereo) field.

Waves Center Plug-in/ Native Features:

     Center ideal Applications

  • Post-Production:
    • Enhance dialog or narration
    • Control the ambience/reverb of stereo location recordings
    • Improve mono compatibility
  • Mixing & Mastering:
    • Bring out the lead vocals in a finished mix
    • Re-image stereo drum overheads
    • Balance stereo recordings of individual or groups of acoustic instruments
    • Widen or narrow the stereo spread 
  • DJ:
    • Remove vocals for karaoke
    • Remove instrumental tracks for remixes and mash-ups
    • Manipulate samples and drum loops


  • High: controls balance of high frequency content between the Center and Sides. 0 - 100 (0=Center)
  • Low: Controls balance of low frequency content between the Center and Sides. 0 - 100 (0=Center)
  • Punch: Controls the spread of transient content between the Center and Sides. 0 - 100 (0=Center)
  • Center: Controls the Center gain. +6dB to Off
  • Sides: Controls the Sides gain +6dB to Off
  • Master Gain: Controls the overall stereo gain. +6dB to -24dB
  • Output Meters: Displays the stereo output after processing. 0 dBFS to -36 dBFS
  • Center Detection Meter: Displays the Center content of the stereo source

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