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Presonus Eris 8 Studio Monitor


The Presonus Eris 8 Studio Monitor has quickly become one of the best-selling monitors in its price range. The Eris8 delivers accurate response, excellent bass, and a clean, defined high end.

The price is for a single monitor. To purchase a pair simply order two.

Unique at this price point is the Eris' extensive set of acoustic adjustment controls. Each Eris provides three EQ controls in its acoustic tuning section: High, Mid, and Low Cutoff. These controls enable you to fine-tune the monitors and even to broadly approximate the sounds of different types of speakers so you can hear what your mix might sound like, for instance, on a car stereo or portable radio. The Low control also is useful when using the E8 with a subwoofer.

In addition to the Acoustic Tuning controls, Eris speakers offer a three-position Acoustic Space switch. The Acoustic Space switch helps you control for problems you might encounter in your listening environment.  This switch controls a second-order, low shelving filter that cuts the level of all frequencies below 800 Hz by a specified amount (-2 or -4 dB) to compensate for the boundary bass boost that occurs when the monitor is placed near a wall or corner. If you don’t want to roll off those lows, set it to 0 dB.

Presonus Eris 8 Studio Monitor Features:

  • 8-inch  Kevlar® low-frequency transducer
  • 1-inch (25 mm), ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducer
  • 130 watt Class AB biamplification
  • Front-firing acoustic port for superior bass-frequency reproduction
  • Midrange (±6 dB, continuously variable), HF (±6 dB, continuously variable), High-Pass (Off, 80 Hz, 100 Hz) and Acoustic Space settings (flat, -2, -4 dB) for accurate mixing
  • RF interference, output current limiting, over-temperature, transient, and subsonic protection
  • Optimized, resonance-suppressing internal bracing
  • Balanced XLR/¼-inch and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • 105 dB (E8) maximum continuous SPL

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PSERIS8 - Eris 8 Studio Monitor
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