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Cloud Microphones CL Z Mic Activator


Designed to be a middleman between your microphone and preamp, the CL-Z provides up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain, variable input impedance and a variable high-pass filter.
What is Variable Input Impedance Loading?
Since microphones sound different depending on the impedance value of the preamp with which they’re being used, the CL-Z’s input impedance control lets you “squeeze electricity” to shape and fine-tune the character of your microphone’s sound. Perhaps you want a tighter low-end and a smoother top - try a lower input impedance value. Maybe you want bigger, more explosive bass, or a slightly more present top – this can be accomplished with a higher input impedance value. With the Cloudlifter CL-Z’s variable input impedance, you simply turn the big silver “Z” knob until you hear the sound you like.

Variable High-Pass Filtering = Proximity Effect Control
The variable high-pass filtering works in conjunction with the impedance value, allowing for even more tonal shaping and control.  When engaged, the frequency cutoff is affected by the impedance setting. With lower impedance values the frequency rises, cutting more of the low-end up to approximately 200hz. At higher impedance values, the frequency is lowered, down to approximately 40hz at the extreme setting. This is especially useful with reducing the proximity effect of a dynamic or ribbon microphone, especially in situations with potentially pronounced low-end response, such as electric guitar or voice.
The CL-Z has a two-position gain switch allowing for more clean gain, or the maximum gain available. Most of the time the MAX (approx. +25db) position will be used, however, the reduced gain setting (approx. +12dB) may be useful on loud sources like drums or electric guitar, or where more of the preamps’ color is desired.

The CL-Z, like all Cloudlifters, requires phantom power to operate, yet does not pass phantom to the input. For this reason, Cloudlifters are an ideal solution for ribbon, dynamic, and tube microphones alike!

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