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Pre-Owned Jackson Custom Shop Extreme Warrior Scorpion Inlay
Item: FE2856135000

Pre-Owned Jackson Custom Shop Extreme Warrior Scorpion Inlay

Item: FE2856135000

This pre-owned, exotic treasure was originally purchased from Rainbow Guitars, and has now returned as a used instrument. There is absolutely zero wear on this museum caliber, shred-ready behemoth. Originally priced at $6700, you save big, so don’t miss this opportunity to add to your collection, or shred like an Egyptian.

This incredible instrument is a true testament of the Jackson Custom Shop’s creative prowess, and is the collaborative result of three amazing artists – masterbuilder Pablo Santana, airbrush artist Mike Learn, and inlay extraordinaire Ron Thorn.

Pablo Santana is a master guitar builder with a style all his own, a style that is instantly recognized by his smooth, hand carved bevels and scallops, and this guitar is no exception with deep scalloped pieces removed from the standard Warrior shape. To hold this instrument is to truly appreciate Pablo’s craft. I could spend hours running my fingers along the beveled edges of this exotically Pablo shaped Jackson Warrior. The way the bevels hook into the body with a “Nike logo” shape is an exhibit of unparalleled artistry. The neck binding and fretwork is another point of interest, the binding is actually cut in a way that it caps the end of each fret, this is something I’ve never seen before on a Jackson and adds even more class to this already amazing guitar.

Mike Learn is one of the most “in-demand” airbrush artists in the Jackson community, and looking at this guitar, it’s easy to see why. At first glance, this guitar is breathtaking, but the amount of detail Mike has put into this image can easily be overlooked, it’s not until further inspection that you really see how much time went into his artistic vision. The guitar appears to be built from stone exhibiting centuries old cracks that wrap around the entire guitar. Erosion stains can be seen emerging from every screw hole and deep crevasse. The hieroglyphics appear authentic, but there are a few heavy metal symbols thrown in for good measure, and one secret symbol that represent’s Mike’s sense of humor. The Pharaoh can be stared at for hours, it’s mystical eyes are haunting, and the lines of it’s headpiece compliment the shape of this metal axe perfectly. This airbrushing demands to be explored.

Ron Thorn is a luthier and master inlay artist who has outdone himself with this dual scorpion inlay. Our two “large scale” photographs reveal the mind boggling talent and skill that went into the neck inlay. Notice how each segment of these insects have been individually cut from Mother of Pearl, pieced together like a puzzle, and then inlayed into Ebony. I can easily stare at these scorpions for days and I think the inlay alone could justify the price of this incredible instrument.

One of the perks of my job is getting to play world class guitars that most people could only dream of, and this guitar is just that, a dream guitar. I was very excitingly surprised how amazing this guitar sounds, the EMG pickups in this particular guitar sound awesome. The bridge pickup has a gnarly midrange grind that is reminiscent of the glorious 80s, and the lower gained neck pickup has a hollow quality that is classic sounding, and vastly different from the bridge pickup. The Jackson Custom Shop Extreme Warrior delivers long sustained notes, an articulate pick attack that allows you to shred with unbridled speed, a trem the flutters easily, and the kind of playability that only comes from Jackson guitars.

The Jackson Custom Shop Extreme Warrior is an absolute masterpiece, one that Rainbow Guitars is very proud to introduce to the world. Once you’ve stared into the eyes of this Egyptian gem, you will never forget having seen this guitar. Treat yourself today to a Jackson Custom Shop guitar that will be remembered throughout history. - Scott

Serial # J8195

Weight: 8lbs 2oz

Pre-Owned Jackson Custom Shop Extreme Warrior Scorpion Inlay Features:

  • Pablo Santana Custom Masterbuilt Guitar
  • Mike Learn Custom Graphic
  • Ron Thorn Custom Inlay


  • USA Custom Shop Build
  • Quarter Sawn Maple Neck-Thru Construction
  • Alder Body
  • Compound Radius Ebony Fretboard
  • Mother of Pearl Custom Inlay
  • 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Original Floyd Rose Trem
  • EMG 81 Bridge Pickup
  • EMG 85 Neck Pickup


  • Black Tolex Hardshell Case with Red End Caps

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This Pre-Owned item is a recent purchase that we have received back on trade and is in excellent original condition. We have gone over this product thoroughly in order to ensure it's integrity. Here is a chance to save.