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Gurus Amps 1959 Doubledecker
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 03-08-2016
About 2 minutes into trying the Gurus Amps 1959 Doubledecker guitar overdrive preamp I totally forgot I was plugged into a pedal and felt like I had just discovered a killer amp. My clean combo never ...Read More >

Gurus Echosex2 Tube Driven Delay
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 11-21-2015
With so many excellent delays on the market I wasn't prepared to be impressed, but I was- and that's putting it mildly. Right away you can tell that this delay is tube driven- it is warm, exactly like ...Read More >

BOSS BD-2w Waza Craft Blues Driver
By No Empl in ContentId #628), Accessories, posted on 03-03-2015
BOSS had some of their engineers in Japan do what lots of guitarists have been doing to their Blues Driver- mod them! After plugging in to a Fender Amp, I can say that the Waza Craft Blues Driver is a ...Read More >

BOSS Waza Craft Super Overdrive
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 03-03-2015
In this world of modded and boutique pedals, it is too easy to overlook the companies that started the whole pedal craze. Well, BOSS has released a line of their own "modded" pedals and upon trying on ...Read More >

Quick Tip: Latency & Interfaces
By Joel Thall, Recording, posted on 11-06-2014
After making the typical buffer size adjusments in your DAW and latency is still an issue consider monitoring through headphones. if you’re listening to monitor speakers and your ears are about 3 feet ...Read More >

Fishman Fluence Strat Pickups
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 09-17-2014
Everybody and their mother says you can't have a quiet (active or hum cancelling) Strat pickup that still sounds like a vintage Strat. I agreed until we installed a set of the Fishman Fluence Strat pi ...Read More >

Sennheiser ew300IEM-G3
By Joel Thall, Live Sound, posted on 05-22-2014
One problem with in-ear bodypack receivers is that the small size of the receiver makes it difficult to include any form of diversity reception, the technology which is critical in preventing dropouts ...Read More >

Designing the Charvel San Dimas GT Guitars
By Scott Riedle, Guitars, posted on 04-08-2014
Summer of 2013, a visual concept for a new Charvel guitar design popped into my brain. I imagined a white guitar with colored racing stripes like a Mustang car. And then I thought, “what if those raci ...Read More >

Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolo Kit
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 03-16-2013
After a fairly simple install on a Jackson (just replacing the existing Floyd and locking nut- pretty no-brainer stuff) ) I have a say that I am hearing more "prescence" and sustain compared to the st ...Read More >

Application Tip for Using Two PSM200 Transmixers
By Joel Thall, Live Sound, posted on 03-01-2013
Use the "Split Out" feature of the Shure PSM-200'S P2T Transmixer to send one mix from your console to both P2T's. For example, input the aux buss on your mixer that has a band mix to the Input 1 of ...Read More >

Electroman Delay
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 02-13-2013
SolidGoldFX are getting a buzz in the guitar community due to their great effects at great prices. I had a blast testing their Electroman delay. The warm, tape-like delay is very musical and satisfyin ...Read More >

Gurus 1959 Double Decker
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 02-13-2013
The first thing I noticed was that the Gurus Amps 1959 Double Decker did not feel like I was plugged into a pedal. I truly felt like I was playing through a great vijntage Marshall amp, but with the g ...Read More >

Surf Rider Deluxe Reverb
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 02-13-2013
If you are looking for a multi-effect digital reverb, the Surf Rider Deluxe is is not for you. However, if you want the classic tube reverb sound from the amps of the 60's and 70's, the Surf Rider roc ...Read More >

Bare Knuckle Guitar Cable
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 01-31-2013
I have been a long-time fan of Bare Knuckle pickups- they're amazing. So I looked forward to plugging in their new line of cables. It turns out that the cables are made by Van Damme, an Englich manufa ...Read More >

T.C.electronic Flashback X4
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 11-02-2012
I couldn't stop playing this thing. It sounds great. The analog type delays sound very analog and the more modern settings are awesome. I love being able to tweak the knobs and store the settings. It ...Read More >

MXR Hendrix Tribute Octavia
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 11-02-2012
There are a lot of Octavia, octave-fuzz, type pedals on the market and a lot of them sound very good. I was pleasantly surprised that this relatively inexpensive Octavia, the MXR 70th Anniversary Hen ...Read More >

MXR Hendrix Tribute Fuzz Face
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 11-02-2012
The MXR 70th Anniversary Hendrix Tribute Fuzz Face is a great pedal that could easily be priced higher. I plugged a Strat into a relatively clean amp so I could hear it's vintage fuzz tone with little ...Read More >

VooDoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod Overdrive & Distortion
By No Empl in ContentId #600), Accessories, posted on 10-04-2012
The Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod Overdrive/Distortion is finally in stock. The wait has been worth it though. “I”, a gear nut, think this pedal delivers and then some. I really enjoyed how you can ble ...Read More >

Klein Epic 1959 PAF Humbucker
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 09-29-2012
I have heard some great humbuckers here at Rainbow, from real vintage PAF's to reissues by several excellent builders. The Klein PAF humbuckers truly authentic and yet they are in a price range that d ...Read More >

Klein Epic 1954 Strat Pickup Set
By Pete Fine, Accessories, posted on 09-29-2012
The Klein Epic 1954 Strat pickup set sounds like a real set of 1954 Strat pickups. Sure, every guitar is different but the old 50's Strats all had that amazing bell-like clarity and presence, sweet hi ...Read More >