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Years at Rainbow: 15
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

Ludwig Dealer Summit And Factory Tour 2010 (Video/Slide Show)

Ludwig Dealer Summit And Factory Tour 2010

In April of this year I was fortunate enough to be asked to go to the Ludwig factory in Monroe North Carolina. Being that I'm a real nerd for the manufacturing and engineering; it was a real treat to get to tour the factory. I was also in the presents of some good old friends (Dana Bentley "Bentley's Drum Shop" and Gary Forkum "Fork's Drum Closet") and met some new and other influential drum shop owners (Shane "Drum Center of Portsmouth", Shane "Just Drums", Victor "The Drum Pad") to name a few…

The shuttle ride from the airport was quite an amazing ride. Jim Catalano at the wheel was like a Ludwig history tour guide. We all heard story after story about "The Chief" and many different Ludwig eras. Jim C. you are truly a Ludwig encyclopedia. Amazing!!!

I noticed we were all at the same "nerd" level once the tour began. We were all running around like a bunch of teenagers hopped up on soda!!! The show room was the first stop where we saw all the different lines of Ludwig Drums, some one off prototype snares and a bunch of really cool engraved Black Beauties. After the showroom we headed into the warehouse where they store all of the snare drum shells. Fun!!! Next we headed into the room where all the wood veneer is kept at a higher humidity level. When the wood comes out of that room it gets put on a special CNC saw that accurately cuts the wood for the shell assembly crew. We were able to then see how the shells are made (top secret). Then we headed to the production section where all the shells are cut to length, trued up, and bearing edges are cut. Just think, these drums are made here in the states mostly by hand. It was eye opening. The sanding and finishing was also a very hand done process. The factory crew members were all highly trained artisans that have been with the company for many years.

Plant manager Jim Kinsey was a fantastic host and a heck of a nice guy to boot. I learned so much and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to go on this wonderful trip.