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Zilldjian Gen 16 AE (Acoustic Electric) Cymbals

The AE Cymbal is a low volume acoustic cymbal with a radical new look and design. It is meant to be played as a traditional cymbal, but it offers you the ability to shape the sound with preset electronic tone modeling and electronic effects. Everything about this new cymbals is radical:the look,the application and the sound. The Silver colored cymbal looks awesome and its stunning appearance is enhanced by the use of blue LEDs in the dual head mini microphone system that mounts underneath each cymbal. You will want to own these for the appearance alone. The Cymbals are available as 8 individual models and includes crashes, rides, hihats, a splash and a China. These can be played as fully acoustic instruments ,but they are designed to be used as part of of an acoustic/electric hybrid system. The system includes a dual head microphone pickup for each cymbal, one controller/mixer module for tone modeling and amplification and a cable snake to connect everything together. There are 3 complete boxset system configurations that includes everything needed to get going on the AE path. Gen16 states,"AE cymbals will represent the a similar creative and performance inspiration for drummers and percussionists to what the acoustic/electric guitar has done for guitarists." This is a game changer and the drummer just entered the world of electronics on his/her terms. These new sounds and flexible performance applications are going to open up a whole new world of creativity for the drummer. Thanks Zildjian. You have done it again!