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What are the best Drum Sets for a beginner?

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a drum kit for a beginner: Student Age, Budget and Application. If the new Drummer is very young and may not stick with it very long there are two directions you can go. One is to go with the minimal investment approach. This way if the kid doesn’t stick with it you are only out what you originally spent on the kit.(this is the worst case) You may be able to get a little money back if you can pass this drum set along to a neighbor or friend. The other possibility is to get a kit that can go beyond the formative years of training. This way there won’t be a need to upgrade for a while. If the new drummer decides to give it up you can still get a substantial amount of your investment back because you bought a better more expensive drum kit. Now if the budget just is not there to do the initial higher level drum set then depending on the budget you will have fewer and fewer choices of what you can demand for your money. As far as application goes...An entry level inexpensive kit will not stand up to the riggers of a gigging drummer. If the intension is to put the kit in the corner of a room and practice the rudimentary skills of drumming it will be fine.