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Read This Before Buying Wireless Mics

When buying any wireless product, whether it be microphone, instrument, or in-ear monitor, it's important to consider frquency selection in order to "future-proof" your investment as much as possible. We see too many consumers buying wireless products randomly without any concern for co-ordinating the frequencies of their new purchase with the frequencies of existing systems. In addition, it's good to know the latest guidelines of the FCC going forward.

What follows is a very quick summary of the FCC rules that apply to small users. More complete info is available at the FCC website.

The good news is that the FCC has acted to preserve bandwidth for wireless microphone users. Wireless mic users may operate without license on any TV channel (except ch. 37) that is not assigned to a local TV channel or to a Public Safety agency.

Two TV channels in each market will be reserved for wireless microphone use. The first channel above and the first channel below TV channel 37 that is not occupied by a local TV station will be reserved for wireless microphone users. If unoccupied channels are not available both above and below channel 37, the first two channels nearest to channel 37 will be reserved. Because one TV channel can accommodate up to 8 wireless microphones (depending on model), the two reserved channels will allow users to operate up to 16 wireless microphones with no threat from interference from some of the new products that are being developed (refered to as TV Band Devices). Also TV channels 14-20 will be off-limits to TV Band Devices.

Whenever you're in the market for any wireless product, let RainbowGuitars.com assist you with frequency selection & coordination. We're here to help!