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Years at Rainbow: 20
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

How to Buy a P.A. System

Buying a P.A. system (especially online) can be very confusing and frustrating. The basic problem is that, except for some of the smaller all-in-one systems, you're trying to combine a mixer from one manufacturer, plus amps from another manufacturer, and then speakers from yet another manufacturer. Each product website throws a lot of numbers at you (mostly either incorrect or irrelevant) and there's no way to know what's compatible with what and which one really makes sense. When a P.A. customer comes to Rainbow (or contacts us by phone or email), we ask you a LOT of questions. What kind of music do you play? How big are the places you play? What kind of gear do you already own? What's your approximate budget, etc., etc. By combining your answers with our years of experience and our knowledge of all the products out there, we can start putting together a system that meets your needs. We'll get you past the minefield of confusing numbers and terms... watts, impedance, decibels, balanced, unbalanced…and make sure you get a sound system that does what you need it to do and at the best price anywhere!