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Employee Reviews

Years at Rainbow: 10
Weekly work schedule: Tuesday-Saturday

Line 6 Lowdown 110 has huge tone in a tiny box!
What an exciting time to be a musician. When I was just a little guy, getting a multitude of tones for my musical projects meant buying many different items and hoping it would all work out. With mode ...Read More >

Fulltone Bassdrive Kicks Lots of Class.
Bass players the world over are a happier bunch with this pedal at their feet. Any one who has ever dreamed of a punchy, bottom heavy bass overdrive that cleans up with the volume knob needs to get th ...Read More >

The Woolly Mammoth unearthed!
The ZVex Wooly Mammoth is the best fuzz for bass I have ever heard. Why? The tone, brothers and sisters, the tone. After plugging this pedal in, I can understand why bassists have been parting with th ...Read More >

The Line 6 Micro Spider has massive tone!

Don't laugh. The Micro Spider from Line 6 is really small. But fortunately for us, the sound is HUGE! I reviewed this amp while the store was open for business and I consistently drew small crowds, ...Read More >

Way Huge Pedals are way cool…………….
The Way Huge Pork Loin is a must have. This pedal does the low gain thing better than most. Turn up the overdrive knob, and this baby starts to sing. When maxed out, this pedal makes notes sing. Notes ...Read More >

Lovepedal Plexi 800: Brown Sound in a Box?
When I ordered the Lovepedal Plexi 800 pedal, Paul from Lovepedal highly recommended I try his Plexi 800. "What does it sound like?" I asked. "It sounds like early Van Halen, especially with single co ...Read More >

Can you play bass through a guitar amp?
Well, yes you can, but it is not reccommended. You have to play at very low volumes and listen for any speaker distortion to prevent any damage. If you play at a very low volume you can get away with ...Read More >

Should I use my fingers or a pick when playing bass?
Either method is acceptable dependeing on the song, your technique and the sound you're looking for. It is not lame to play with a pick if it fits the criteria. Actually, it's probably best to add to ...Read More >

What is the best bass guitar for a beginner?
The best bass guitar for a beginner depends on the age (size) of the beginner. If the beginning bass player is 10 to 13 years of age there are a number of affordable short scale basses, such as the Fe ...Read More >