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Employee Reviews

Years at Rainbow: 33
Weekly work schedule: Monday-Friday

Speak no evil, see no evil, hear lots of evil.
Ok! You can call me skeptical or call me hard to please. But I can not remember the last time I sat down in front of a new amp and it felt like the first time I plugged into my copper top 1964 Vox Ac3 ...Read More >

Will our vintage guitar prices change according to market demand?
We try and price our vintage guitars fairly in a very competitive market. However, at certain times different guitars will be more in demand and therefore command higher prices. It would not be uncomm ...Read More >

How do I buy a vintage guitar online?
Some of the vintage guitars are simple to purchase. Just hit the purchase button and you are on your way. Other guitars in this section require that you actually email me with any questions that you m ...Read More >

Which guitars are good investments?
Historically the vintage guitar market has preformed similarly to the vintage automobile and fine art markets. Enjoying mostly strong returns on your investment, certain models seem to do better then ...Read More >