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Radial PRO D2 Stereo Direct Box


The Radial PRO D2 is a passive  stereo direct box. This means that unlike active direct boxes that either require a battery or power of some sort to make them work, your PRO D2 does not need any power at all. It is ‘plug & play’ easy-to-use.

A direct box is primarily used to convert a high impedance instrument signals to a low impedance balanced mic-level signal, which can then be processed like a microphone and driven through long cables without introducing noise. The PRO D2 employs a two high quality impedance-matching transformer to do the conversion.

Typical applications for the PRO D2 are connecting electronic instruments like guitar, bass, keyboard, and drum machines directly to a PA or recording system. Because the output of the PRO D2 matches that of a typical microphone, the PRO D2 is perfectly suited for use in live sound and recording studio systems where microphone signals are put through long cable systems to a mixing console and where all signals are balanced to keep noise down.

The cool thing about transformers is that they not only stop noise caused by ground loops, they can be connected to work in both directions! In other words, your PRO DI can convert a hi-Z unbalanced input to a low-Z balanced microphone signal (typical use) or it can do it in reverse and convert a low-Z balanced microphone signal to a hi-Z unbalanced output. Connecting the PRO D2 in reverse, you could for instance, take the balanced output from a mixer and send it to a DVD recorder for proper impedance and level matching, or take a pre-recorded track from a digital workstation and send it to a guitar effect pedal for re-amping effects. A good passive DI can be used to interface all kinds of audio equipment and can solve many impedance and noise problems.

Radial PRO D2 Stereo Direct Box Features:

  • Great sounding, rugged passive DI
  • High performance custom-wound transformer
  • -15dB PAD for wide range of input levels
  • Ground lift switch eliminates ground loop hum
  • Ultra-tough design, to last a lifetime
    ‘Plug & play’ easy-to-use
  • Completely passive, no power needed

  • ProDI for acoustic guitars and bass guitars
  • ProD2 for stereo keyboards and drum machines
  • Interface consumer audio with pro gear
  • Eliminates buzz and hum caused by ground loops

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RKPROD2 - PRO D2 Stereo Direct Box
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