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Radial JDI Passive Direct Box


The Radial JDI direct box is the world’s ? nest passive DI. The JDI has been optimized to handle extreme transients without introducing distortion or coloration to the sound.

Because of the transformer, the JDI provides 100% isolation between the instrument input side and the balanced output, eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Ground loops are most prevalent when interfacing equipment with AC power such as keyboards and guitar ampli? ers. Most passive DIs sound terrible because they use inexpensive iron or steel core transformers. This causes phase shift at various frequencies known as group delay, which has the effect of making bass sound indistinct and lack punch and causes mid-range to smear. This makes mixing more dif?cult.

The Radial JDI employs a Jensen transformer with a nickel-laminated core. Nickel does not retain a memory or polarity. This has the net effect of reducing phase distortion, improving linearity and lowering harmonic distortion. Fix the problems; you get great sound.

The Radial JDI does not require 48V phantom-power or a battery. You just plug in and play. The JDI is also available in stereo (Radial JDI Duplex) and in 6 channels (Radial JD6) or may be rackmounted using the Radial J-Rak for up to 8 units in 2 RUs.

Radial JDI Passive Direct Box Features:

  • -15dB PAD
  • MERGE FUNCTION: Turns the input
    and thru jacks into a passive mixer
    to sum stereo signals to mono. This
    saves valuable inputs on the mixer
    INPUT and THRU: Jacks connect
    from the instrument and to the
    instrument ampli?er
  • FULL BOTTOM PAD: Improves
    electrical isolation and keeps the JDI
    from moving around on busy stages!
  • XLR: Balanced 600? mic-level
    output for runs to 1000 feet without
    appreciable noise
  • POLARITY REVERSE: ?ips the
    polarity from pin-2 to pin-3 on the XLR.
  • GROUND LIFT disconnects the
    ground path to the transformer at the
    XLR output
  • BOOK-END DESIGN: creates a
    protective zone around the jacks
    and switches
    option introduces a second -30dB
    pad with band-pass ? lter to emulate
    a 12” guitar speaker
  • Jensen nickel core transformer
    for distortion-free signal transfer
    and 100% isolation.
  • BOOK-END DESIGN: Creates a
    protective zone around the jacks
    and switche.
  • MU-METAL SHIELD: Protection
    against radio frequency and electromagnet

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RKJDI - JDI Passive Direct Box
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