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Countryman E6 Directional Earset Mic, Shure Wireless, Cocoa


The Countryman E6 is the original and still the industry standard for miniature earset microphones. The E6 provides natural sound with exceptional isolation from noise and feedback.

The specific model on this page is Countryman's E6DW5C2SL.

Here's what you get: A Countryman E6D directional earset microphone custom configured with an extra durable 2mm cable, wired with the connector for Shure bodypack transmitters, in the cocoa color which is best for Afro-American skin tones, and set at Countryman's sensitivity of 5 for speaking or general vocal applications.

The E6D (Directional) is the preferred choice when the user is close to loud stage monitors or speakers, or may need even more isolation than normal from ambient sound. Unlike the omnidirectional E6, which picks up sound from any direction, the E6D must be fitted properly on the user’s face to get the best performance. We suggest placing the mic capsule in a quarter-sized spot on the face at the corner of the mouth when the user smiles. As with any directional mic, the E6D is more susceptible to wind, handling, and cable noise than an omni. When placed correctly, it has a very flat frequency response, but because of the proximity effect the bass is boosted when closer to the mouth, and reduced when moved farther away. (This is why proper fitting is so critical.)

The classic E6D is a good choice when one person will wear the microphone. Because the boom is stiffer, once it is adjusted to fit the user’s face, it can be stored away, unpacked, and quickly worn with a minimum of fuss. (The E6Di models may be a better choice if the microphone is to be used by more than one person, Its more flexible boom allows for easier adjustment from person to person.)

The Countryman E6 or E6i earset microphones offer the user many different options. These options include four different colors, connectors for any manufacturer's wireless transmitters, and different levels of microphone sensitivity. For help with customizing a Countryman E6 microphone to meet your specific needs, please click here.

Practically invisible to live or broadcast audiences, the E6D is incredibly comfortable for the wearer. It captures the closest source clearly with excellent rejection of wind, ambient noise, and feedback. And its industry-unique snap-on cable extends the equipment life many times over. In addition, the snap-on cable makes your E6D compatible with virtually any wireless mic system - just buy a new cable instead of a new mic!

The E6D comes with two changeable protective caps which provide moisture resistance and also allow you to change the pickup pattern of the microphone from standard unidirectional (cardiod) to an even tighter hypercardiod pattern.

Countryman E6 Directional Earset Mic, Shure Wireless, Cocoa Features:

  • Directional capsule rejects unwanted sound and feedback better than a lavalier mic. Recommended if the user is near loud monitors
  • High quality voice pickup - more consistent than any lavalier
  • Sensitivity: 5, for general speaking or singing applications.
  • Boom: Once the boom of the E6 is adjusted to fit the user’s face, it can be stored away, unpacked, and quickly worn with a minimum of fuss.
  • Color: Cocoa-recommended for Afro-American skin tones
  • Cable (from mic to bodypack): upgraded 2mm Duraflex cable offers increased durability
  • Connector: Terminated for Shure bodypacks, TA4F connector


  • Detachable cable, 5 ft. long
  • Windscreen
  • Set of two protective caps, which also allow you to choose between cardiod or hypercardiod patterns
  • Set of two collar clips (one black, one white)
  • Carrying case.

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CUE6DW5C2SL - E6 Directional Earset Mic, Shure Wireless, Cocoa
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