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Winfield Dust Devil Head Blonde With 1x12 Cab

Winfield Dust Devil Head Blonde With 1x12 Cab


Introducing the Dust Devil, a two-channel amp that is the evolution of the Winfield Cyclone. The Dust Devil adds a second channel, voiced with a little more American flair to add versatility. Channel one is a 12AX7 preamp with Volume, Treble and Bass controls. Sounding like the 60's black face clean channel on those lower powered versions that we have become so attached to.

Channel 2 is the Cyclone channel with an EF86 preamp, Volume and Tone controls. The Cyclone amp section still remains as one of the most expressive and dynamic of all the EL 84 low powered amps we have ever played through. Based on the 15 watt "English" amp of the 1960's you will get that big fat tone that you have always dreamed of without any overdrive pedals. The amp has that beautiful percussive tone when you play with a light touch and will get as big as you want the harder your attack is. It almost becomes horn like.

The Master and Cut Control are Post Phase inverter and affect both channels The power amp consists of a 12AX7 Phase inverter, a pair of El84's and a 5AR4 rectifier tube, putting out a loud 15 Watts. The Dust Devil combines the chime of the British sounding Channel with the American tone of the other channel Using an A-B-Y box you can chose channel one, channel two, or both. Having these two amazing sounding channels to switch between is simply a dream come true.

The Winfield 1x12 is our new upgraded cabinet with a 12 inch Celestion Alnico Blue speaker.The Celestion Blue Alnico 15W 12" Speaker was originally designed in the '50s and used in early Vox and Marshall amplifiers. Known for its exceptional tonal definition and dynamic audio range this cabinet produces more tight lows and a spirited high end. Its lightweight construction features a floating baffle and open back. Big tone in a small box. Definitely the perfect companion for the Dust Devil head. It is loud enough for club use and a great recording amp as well. Definitely worth a listen.

Winfield Dust Devil Head Blonde With 1x12 Cab Features:

  • EF86 Preamp
  • 12AX7 Preamp
  • Two EL84's
  • 5AR4 Rectifier
  • 12AX7 in Power Section
  • 15 Watts
  • Volume Control's for Each Channel
  • Treble and Bass Controls for Channel 1
  • Tone Control for Channel 2
  • Master Volume and Tone Cut Control
  • 1 12" Celestion Alnico Speaker
  • Wired for 8 Ohms
  • Cab Dimensions 20" x 17.25" x 10.5”
  • Cab Weight 24 lbs


  • Power Cable
  • Speaker Cable

Price: $1,970.00

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WFDUSTDEVHDBLD1X12 - Dust Devil Head Blonde With 1x12 Cab
Price $1,970.00

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