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Sustainiac Model C Electroacoustic Sustainer System


This is one of the most amazing utility type pedals I've ever had the pleasure to play around and create music with. It is my secret weapon for guitar in my home studio. Direct recording is a very popular method these days (Line 6, Kemper, Axe FX) but the acoustic feedback response of an electric guitar through studio monitors is nothing like the response of a cranked guitar cab in the same room as the guitar going through it. The HiFi tone of the studio monitors messes up the whole feedback vibe. 

Enter the Sustainiac Model C to save the day. This device will make your guitar (or any stringed instrument with a electric pickup) respond and actually feel vibration wise like a guitar that's interacting with a cranked amp/cab. From a very subtle response and sustain to ridiculous amount of sustain and harmonic feedback at a level that would make you deaf if it were actually going through a cranked up amp. Plus every level in between.

The Sustainiac Model C sustainer is an electroacoustic type sustainer. It makes your string vibrations sustain by making feedback. It is like getting natural amp feedback from a very large, loud amp. Only it is much, much more intense and predictable. Amp feedback often fails to work because of room acoustics from place-to-place. With the Sustainiac Model C sustainer, you get successful intense feedback sustain at any volume level.

The Model C consists of two separate parts. The string-driver transducer and the floorbox Sustainiamp controller/amplifier. The Sustainiamp takes your guitar signal, amplifies it, and then sends this amplified signal to the transducer. There is a "TO AMP" jack on the Sustainiamp that splits off the raw guitar signal and sends it directly to your regular guitar amp or effects chain. This signal is hard-wired, so you hear only your raw, unprocessed guitar signal.

The transducer is a cube-shaped box about the size of an egg. See above photo. It mounts onto the instrument body, preferably the headstock. The transducer produces sound vibrations in that part of the instrument body. You can feel the instrument vibrate as you play. Some of this vibration energy coming from the transducer gets transferred to the strings, where they sustain their vibration for as long as you want them to.

Sustainiac Model C Electroacoustic Sustainer System Features:

  • INSTANT SUSTAIN: One main advantage of the Sustainiac Model C acoustic-type sustainer is that no special installation is needed. As soon as you take it out of the box, the transducer can be clamped to the guitar headstock, and you are sustaining in a few minutes.
  • CONTROL DIFFERENCE: The Sustainiac Model C offers a new way of changing the harmonic mode of operation. We have invented a new Automatic mode, where the player can force the harmonic mode to change without having to step on the switch. You simply touch the vibrating string lightly for an instant, and the mode will change. Or, you can simply reduce fretting pressure for an instant. A special circuit inside the Model C responds to a decaying note. (We invented it to prevent the occasional dead fret that you get when the vibration energy from the transducer reaches the string out of phase with the string vibration.) It works for this, but we found it cool to be able to touch the string and get the harmonic change. You can still step on the switch and cause the harmonic change with your foot.
  • NEW EFFECTS LOOP: We have included an effects loop on the Sustainiac control box that only functions on the transducer signal. You can add an equalizer or other effect (such as volume control, wah-wah, or time delay) to tweak the operation of the Model C. Using a wah-wah or small time delay (1-10 milliseconds) you can actually change single sustained note harmonics several times. But you don't hear the "wah-wah" or time delay function, because it is not in the signal loop that you hear. It is only in the Sustainiac signal path.


  • Power Supply 24VAC 1000mA
  • Model C Transducer

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MNSUSTAINIACMODELC - Model C Electroacoustic Sustainer System
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