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Phoenix Custom Electronics Super Nova Fuzz Pedal


Phoenix Custom Electronics’ most versatile stompbox, the SuperNova is a silicon variation of the Fuzz Pedal. It’s capable of some serious variation on the classic fuzz tones. You can get a clean sound by turning down your guitar’s volume, and you can get overdrive by turning up the bias and backing off on the fuzz knob. Turning the bias knob down results in some really wierd, broken-amp type sounds. There is more gain available with this pedal than the Fuzz can give you, and also a bit more bite, but it can still get that smooth germanium sound as well. This pedal sounds closer to a germanium Fuzz than the typical Silicon Fuzz Faces of the late ’60s and early ’70s, which used much higher gain transistors than we use in the SuperNova. As of March 2006, the Range switch has been replaced with our new “Capacitor Blending” circuit which gives you a wide range of tonal options without sending signal to ground as a standard tone circuit would.

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PHXSUPERNOVA - Super Nova Fuzz Pedal
Price $175.00

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