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Erafuzz Sacred Resonance Fuzz Pedal


The Erafuzz Sacred Resonance is a fuzz fusion between 6 germanium and 2 silicon transistors. It generates a unique fuzz fusion tone great for fuzz hunters looking for a progressive fuzz machine.

The control knobs are very interactive with each other. The right side footswitch engages or disengages the silicon transistors and the Resonance knob. The left [ON/OFF] true-bypass footswitch preserves the guitar sound. In addition, the extra point to point soldering wiring connection on the copper stripboard ensures a full circuit performance. It operates with a 9V carbon-zinc battery or with a separate standard (negative pin) 9V external power supply. Never use it with a multi-power supply due to its PNP circuit.

Erafuzz Sacred Resonance Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Hand Built
  • Made In Tucson, Arizona


  • 6 NOS Germanium Transistors
  • 2 Silicon Transistors
  • 1 Germanium Diode
  • 1 Silicon Diode
  • 1790NS Aluminum Pedal Enclosure / 5.70” x 4.70” x 1.50”D
  • 2 3PDT Push Button Switches / True-Bypass
  • 2 Neutrik In/Out Jack Sockets / Chrome Facia Nut
  • 9V (Negative Pin Center) D/C Power Jack
  • Aluminum Preventive Primer
  • Gloss Hammered Silver Paint
  • Super Gloss Clear Coat
  • Vinyl Sacred Resonance Face with a clear-shield laminate
  • 4 Eagle-Plastic-Devices Control Knobs / Sustain, Tone, Balance, & Resonance
  • 4 Alpha Potentiometers / Rotational Life: 15,000 cycles
  • 2 Vishay Sfernice Trimpot / Bias Control
  • Alpha Wire - Solid Single Conductor 22 AWG / Jacket Material: PVC, 300V
  • Belden Shielded Cable - Jacket Material: PVC, Tinned Copper
  • Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistors 5% Tolerance, ½ Watt
  • Vishay Polyester "Orange Drop" Film Capacitor 10% Tolerance, 400V
  • Mullard Tropical Fish Capacitor 10% Tolerance, 400V
  • Vishay BC Components Ceramic Disc Capacitor 20% Tolerance, 500V
  • Xicom Ceramic Disc Capacitor 10% Tolerance, 500V
  • Polystyrene Film Audiophile Capacitors 5% Tolerance, 630V
  • Vishay BC Components Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors 20% Tolerance, 63V, 100V
  • Copper Stripboard with Point to Point Soldering Wiring Connections
  • 9V Carbon Zinc Battery Included

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ERASACREDRESONANCE - Sacred Resonance Fuzz Pedal
Price $320.00

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