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Erafuzz Buzzaround Fuzz Pedal


The Buzzaround fuzz is one of the best guitar fuzz pedals still available as a clone only. The ERAFUZZ BUZZAROUND is a handmade built replica of the original Baldwin Burns Buzzaround with some tone improvements. It’s a good balance and versatile fuzz that goes from prog-rock to prog-metal. Moreover, it has a warm and crunchy fuzz that could be turned into aggressive and organic. Also, it allows palm muting and preserves the guitar tone. The control knobs are very interactive with each other and let you shape your guitar fuzz sound in many ways.


  • 3 NOS Germanium Transistors
  • 1 NOS Germanium Diode
  • 1790NS Aluminum Pedal Enclosure / 5.70” x 4.70” x 1.50”D
  • 3PDT Push Button Switch / True-Bypass
  • Cliff In/Out Jack Sockets / Molded Nylon Body and NI-Ag Alloy Contacts for Superior Performance and Reliability / Chrome Facia Nut
  • Aluminum Preventive Primer
  • Gloss Hammered Gray Paint
  • Vinyl Buzzaround Face
  • Super Gloss Clear Coat
  • 3 Eagle-Plastic-Devices Control Knobs / Sustain, Timbre, & Balance
  • Alpha Potentiometers / Rotational Life: 15,000 cycles
  • Alpha Wire - Solid Single Conductor 22 AWG / Jacket Material: PVC, 300V
  • Belden Shielded Cable - Jacket Material: PVC, Tinned Copper
  • Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistors 5% Tolerance, ½ Watt
  • Vishay Sprague Polypropylene Film Input Capacitor 10% Tolerance, 400V
  • Vishay Roederstein (ERO 1839) Polypropylene Film Input Capacitor 2.5% Tolerance, 160V
  • Mallory 150 Polyester Film Capacitor 5% Tolerance, 630V
  • Vishay BC Components Aluminium Electrolytic Output Capacitors 20% Tolerance, 63V, Long useful life: 2000 to 10,000 hours at 105 °C, High Reliability
  • Point to Point Wiring Terminal Board
  • Qualitek Silver Rosin Core Solder
  • 9V Carbon Zinc Battery Included

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ERABUZZAROUND - Buzzaround Fuzz Pedal
Price $320.00

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