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Charvel USA Custom Shop San Dimas Gothic Tribal - Craig Fraser
Item: FE2869141000

Charvel USA Custom Shop San Dimas Gothic Tribal - Craig Fraser

Item: FE2869141000

Like a mystical relic, unearthed at the beginning of a Sci-Fi film, this hidden treasure was unexpectedly discovered in the Jackson Custom Shop, and recently acquired by Rainbow Guitars. This guitar was built in 2006, put in a case, boxed, and was somehow misplaced, and eventually forgotten about… Until now.

This guitar is one of a series of 10 pieces. Each guitar is numbered 1 thru 10 on the forehead of a skull. This previously lost guitar, is number 1 in the series. The video below shows the incredible artistry involved in the making of this truly unique Heavy Metal axe.

Let me introduce Craig Fraser, the infamous skull airbrush artist who created this stunning masterpiece. Craig has a long resume of clients including Jesse James and West Coast Choppers, and has become famous for his artistry with skulls. Craig also teaches airbrushing classes to other aspiring artists, and has his own line of airbrush stencil tools as well. He is a true master artist when it comes to skulls, and this guitar is proof of that.

The pickguard is also stunning, and was done by a different artist who’s name I cannot make out. The signature is between the volume knob and the humbucker, and this person’s metal etching is nothing short of amazing. Also note the shiny, bubbly silver color on the side and belly cut of this guitar, this was achieved by Craig, and his secret is revealed in the video above.

Of course, all of Craig’s artistry would be wasted if this guitar didn’t shred incredibly, well… worry not, this guitar is killer, an ultimate Heavy Metal axe. Playability is “exactly what you’d expect” from a USA Custom Shop Charvel. The back of the neck has a smooth, raw wood feel that inspires speed, and the Seymour Duncan TB5 Custom bridge pickup has all the articulation, and clarity to let those fast notes rip through any mix. The Original Floyd Rose trem flutters easily, and continues to flutter for seconds. To me, this is always a sign of a well built instrument and is demonstrated with it’s acoustically loud, and resonate tone.

Whether you’re a collector or a player, this pure Metal guitar is going to make someone extremely happy.

Serial # 7372

Weight: 8lbs 4oz

Charvel USA Custom Shop San Dimas Gothic Tribal - Craig Fraser Features:

  • USA Made Custom Shop
  • Custom "One of a Kind" Paint Job by Legendary Skull Airbrush Artist Craig Fraser
  • Custom Etched Steel Pickguard 


  • Maple Neck
  • Alder Body
  • Compound Radius Maple Fretboard
  • 22 Jumbo Frets
  • Matching Skull Painted Headsock
  • Seymour Duncan TB5 Custom Bridge Pickup
  • Original Floyd Rose Trem
  • Etched and Polished Steel Pickguard
  • 1 Volume Control 


  • Black Tolex Hardshell Case
  • A License to Shred

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FE2869141000 - USA Custom Shop San Dimas Gothic Tribal - Craig Fraser
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