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Korg OT-120
Orchestral Chromatic Tuner

Item: KGOT120

The OT-120 Orchestral Chromatic Tuner is intended for orchestral instruments but will provide superior performance with any instrument. Analog tuners, with actual meters, are extremely accurate and the choice of many professionals. 

The OT-120 features a dual-display, an easy-to-see needle-type indicator and a backlit LCD screen that shows the battery life, sound output level, calibration, key and note name. Additional design features include a large dial that makes it easy to select the desired mode, soft-touch buttons and a rear-mounted stand that lets the unit stand by itself. A sophisticated silver aluminum panel contributes to its sleek, new look.

You can choose from two tuning modes; Auto mode, which automatically detects the pitch of a single note you play on your instrument, or Manual mode, which lets you specify the desired note name. In Manual mode the needle movement is shown in a range of ±50 cents, letting you view the tuning discrepancy over a wide range. In addition to the excellent visibility unique to a needle-type meter, the LEDs located below the meter also indicate pitch deviation or a perfect match, making precise tuning easy even in dim locations.

The OT-120 produces a reference tone in a five-octave range extending from C2 (65.41 Hz) to C7 (2093 Hz). You can switch the output level in two stages. The large speaker allows for more volume while not being obstructed even when using the stand, ensuring that the reference tone is clearly audible.

The OT-120 also provides Korg's proprietary Sound Back mode. This mode lets you connect an optional CM-100 contact mic to the input jack, and automatically make the OT-120's speaker produce a reference tone for the note that is closest to the input pitch you play on your instrument. The meter will also indicate the input pitch, letting you tune using your eyes as well as your ears for greater accuracy – and also providing a great way to train your sense of pitch.

Korg OT-120
Orchestral Chromatic Tuner

  • Chromatic tuner with a wide 8 octave detection range that supports band and orchestra instruments
  • Dual display provides both a needle-type meter and an LCD for excellent visibility
  • Sound Back (Patented: Patent pending) mode plays a reference pitch for the note that's closest to the input pitch. The meter indicates the discrepancy between the input and the correct pitch
  • Multiple Temperaments support historical tunings
  • Transpose mode is convenient for wind instruments
  • Choose from three levels of needle response speed (slow, medium and fast)
  • Both auto and manual tuning modes are provided
  • Built-in reference tone plays in a five octave range
  • Broad range of calibration (349 Hz--499 Hz)
  • Built-in mic supports acoustic instruments
  • Use with the optional CM-100 Contact Mic for accurate tuning in noisy environments
  • Energy-saving design for long battery life (approximately 100 hours)
  • Durable soft case included


  • Scale: 12 equal tempered, Pythagorean, Werckmeister III, Vallotti, Mean Tone Eb, Kirnberger III, Young, Mean Tone D#, Kellner
  • Transpose Range C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb, B
  • Detection Range A0 (27.50 Hz) - C8 (4186 Hz)
  • Reference Tone:
    C2 (65.41 Hz) - C7 (2093 Hz), five octave,
    two-step volume control
  • Calibration A4 = 349 - 499 Hz (1 Hz steps)
  • Detection Accuracy ± 1 cent
  • Sound Accuracy ± 1.5 cent
  • Connections INPUT (1/4" jack), OUTPUT (1/4" jack), DC IN (9 V)
  • Power Supply:
    two AAA batteries, or AC adapter
    (sold separately)
  • Battery Life approx. 100 hours (with alkaline batteries, in meter mode (MEDIUM), continuous A4 tone, without backlit)
  • Dimensions:
    2.91" (W) x 4.71" (D) x 1.42" (H) /
    74 (W) x 120 (D) x 36 (H) mm
  • Weight:
    6.81 oz. (including batteries) /
    193 g (including batteries)
  • Options:
    CM-100 Contact Microphone,
    AC adapter model - A30950/KA183 (sold separately)
    9V 500~600mA Center Pin (-)


  • Two alkaline AAA batteries for checking operation
  • Suede-tone soft case

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KGOT120 - OT-120
Orchestral Chromatic Tuner
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