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Klein Jazzy Cat John Mayer Tone Stratocaster Pickup Set

Item: KTKP0751

John Mayer's signature scooped-mids Strat tone has been nailed by Klein Pickups with their Jazzy Cat Strat pickup set.  Countless hours of gathering info and tweaking has been spent in order to get this tone.

Klein Pickups uses state of the art technology, detailed knowledge of the makeup of vintage pickups from various years, and exacting standards to produce exceptional pickups that look, feel, and sound exactly like the pickups they are modelled after. The Klein Jazzy Cat Strat pickup set is their own creation, based on dozens of great Strat sets they analyzed. It has slightly scooped mids, great Strat "quack" and would make Stevie Ray proud. The Jazzy Cat set has a very unique stagger, slightly different from a traditional vintage stagger.  These pickups are a bit lower in output (not low output) providing a scooped mid range tone, very clean, while still full in the low end. The Jazzy Cat pickup set provides that extreme crystal clean quack which is a signature characteristic of great Strat pickups.  The set has hand-beveled magnets,  a RWRP middle pickup and is wax potted.

Exact specs on these pickups is top secret, but with a set that sounds this good, who cares?

Klein Jazzy Cat John Mayer Tone Stratocaster Pickup Set Features:

  • Hand scatterwound
  • Scooped mids and lower output for exceptional clarity and detail


  • Top secret- no kidding. Klein keeps these specs to themselves because they are unique. You won't be disappointed.

Price: $249.00

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KTKP0751 - Jazzy Cat John Mayer Tone Stratocaster Pickup Set
Price $249.00

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