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Klein Epic 1969 Hendrix Stratocaster Pickup Set- Reverse Stagger

Item: KTKP0025LH

The late 60's were an amazing and revolutionary time in music, not the least of which was the rebirth of the Strat in the hands of one Mr. Jimi Hendrix. You can't get any closer to getting that Hendrix-era Strat tone than this Klein1969 Hendrix Strat Pickup set.

To add to the authenticity of Hendrix tone, we've had Klein make this set left-handed, exactly duplicating, in a right handed guitar, the stagger on the pole pieces that many believe contributed to his unique sound when stringing right-handed Strats left-handed.

This '69 set has Alnico 5 magnets, uses the more expensive 42ga Plain Enamel magnet wire, has all South up polarity, and is not calibrated to cancel hum, keeping them original. The Klein 1969 Strat pickup set recreates the woodstock tone with just enough crunch and drive for your amp. Scatter wound like the originals and wax potted to avoid unwanted microphonics.


  • Neck 5.7k
  • Middle 5.8k
  • Bridge 5.9k

Price: $240.00

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KTKP0025LH - Epic 1969 Hendrix Stratocaster Pickup Set- Reverse Stagger
Price $240.00

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