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Bare Knuckle Painkiller Humbucker Pickup Set


Bare Knuckles Pickup is a small, privately owned business based in the South West of England. The employees are all guitar players with experience in performing and recording. These guys know what they are doing and have quickly earned the reputation of building some of the best sounding pickups on the planet.

We are very excited to be a Bare Knuckle dealer. Every Bare Knuckle pickup is hand built and hand wound one at a time, and then tested- meaning "played" and listened to with various amps and gain settings. The "vintage" models are made with exact materials from the era and are not packaged for shipping unless they really do have that "vintage" tone. The modern, high gain pickups kick ass with incredible power but do not, like other hot pickups, get muddy at high gain and they maintain detail and frequency response.

The coils of every Bare Knuckle  pickup is scatterwound with varying gauges of enamelled copper wire, the thickness of the wire and type of wire insulation dependant upon the sound they are after. They wind the majority of their pickups with the traditional plain enamel wire used originally in the early days of pickup winding. Scatterwinding by hand can be time consuming but it has many advantages over conventional machine winding, not least a far superior sound. When a coil is scatterwound, the wire isn't as close or even, layer on layer, as with a machine and this lowers the distributed capacitance that exists between the turns of the wire. Lower capacitance allows more top end through, the resonant peak increases slightly and the pickup has a flatter frequency response across its range. The result is a clearer, more open sound that has the impression of being louder purely by the amount of extra detail and dynamics present.

Read online reviews by players who have bought them and you will see why we are excited to be offering Bare Knuckles pickups at Rainbow. The Bare Knuckles Painkiller is a Metal God of a humbucker with screaming highs and very tight, solid lows. Unlike most very hot humbuckers, the Painkillers maintain detail and cut through the mix. There's nothing "mellow" about the Painkiller!


  • Standard spacing
  • 4 conductor
  • Short leg
  • Bridge 15.6K Neck 13.5K
  • Ceramic

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KNPAINKILLERSET - Painkiller Humbucker Pickup Set
Price $279.00

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Pete Fine


I am really excited about Bare Knuckles pickups! After reading all the guys raving about them on different gear sites, I contacted Tim at Bare Knuckles to find out what the buzz was really about. Wha ... Read More

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